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Strong Chinese Women in Film Essay -- Character Analysis

1. Introduction In Confucian thought, women had their purpose beside their men or within their households as mothers. However, the legend of Hua Mulan precedes Confucius. Mulan’s story had inspired early Chinese Feminists such as Qiu Ji to go against the society built to keep her space as a woman separate from the rest of the world. In modern times, Fa Mulan (from Disney) added more diversity to the usual Disney Princesses and gave westerners an image of Chinese culture. The Disney film about Fa Mulan and the live action film about Hua Mulan by Jingle Ma ultimately chronicle the journey of Mulan and her service in the military but the films will have significant differences because of the different perspectives telling the stories. The changes of the female roles in China in the 21st century have their starting point with the story of Mulan because of her positive role in female identity later on. How Mulan changed the stigma about women over time may not have helped. Although Mulan is a legend, legends tend to shape some fields of thought in society. Changes in female structures in China took many centuries but I believe Mulan’s presence had an irreplaceable impact on the women in Chinese society. I define Confucianism in the female role as follows: A woman’s duties pertain to her husband, the parents of her husband and the children birthed between she and her husband. A woman’s duties to her husband include but are not limited to, keeping him happy and full with good meals. Her duties to her husband’s family includes, but are not limited to, keeping his parents happy and adjusting to the rules of her governing mother-in-law and providing grandparents with grandchildren. A woman’s duties to birth children include, but are not... ... to the Imperial City to warm her old friends of the imminent attack on the emperor, everyone ignored her. Hua Mulan did not face this same problem in the live action movie. When her comrades discovered her, they decided to keep their discovery to themselves instead of sending Mulan to her death. The only reason Fa Mulan remained alive in the movie was her heroic actions before her superior discovered her. Works Cited 5. Confucianism Since the core of Confucianism is the belief 6. Conclusion References: 1. http://ww.chinapage.com/mulan.html 2. â€Å"Ode To Mulan† http://www.yellowbridge.com/onlinelit/mulan.php 3. â€Å"Mulan in Legends† http://www.ourorient.com/mulan-in-legends.htm 4. DVD Disney’s Mulan 5. DVD Jingle Ma’s Mulan 6. Lan, Fen. "The Female Individual and the Empire." Duke University. http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/4125407.pdf.

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Nutrition programs Essay

Traditionally, nutrition programs were targeted to the indigent and poor populations in developing countries. Many of today’s Americans are malnourished also, but they are inundated with unhealthy foods and require a multidisciplinary approach to nutrition education. What would be the three most important points to include in a public nutrition program? Provide current literature to support your answer and include two nutritional education community resources. Malnourishment is no longer an issue seen only in the indigent population and developing countries. Many Americans are also plagued with this issue, largely due to unhealthy food choices. Providing a multidisciplinary approach to public nutrition education will help in combating the problem. There are many aspects which should be covered in these programs, however, we will look at three top points. 1.) The relationship between eating behaviors and chronic diseases Several chronic diseases can occur in relationship to unhealthy eating. Cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes are a few. Eating foods high in fat can lead to coronary artery disease which can lead to heart blockage which can lead to death. High fat foods as well as over eating can lead to obesity, which can lead to cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes which can lead to death. Though most complications and/or diseases will manifest themselves in adulthood, looking back most will find the risk factors began in early childhood with poor food choices. As stated by Green Facts (n.d.), â€Å"The risks of developing chronic diseases begin in fetal life and continue into old age. Thus, adult chronic diseases reflect the combined effects of prior exposure to damaging environments.† As you can see, it is a vicious cycle we must be cognizant of throughout every stage of life. 2.) Mindful Eating Each time you prepare a meal your first thoughts should be on the nutritional value of the food and then â€Å"am I really hungry, or am I eating for some other reason?† For example, it is mid-afternoon at work and you are hungry and unable to wait until dinner time. Your choices are high calorie, high fat, nutrient dense items from the vending machine or a granola bar, fruit or yogurt. An appropriate snack choice would be the granola bar, fruit or  yogurt. Another example: you are sitting at home at 8:00pm on a Thursday night watching television. You go to your pantry and retrieve a bag of chocolate chip cookies. At this point, stop and ask yourself, â€Å"am I hungry or am I choosing to eat right now because I am bored?† If you are going to eat them out of boredom find something else to do to occupy your time, such as read a book, do a craft, or play a game with your family. As stated by Harris (2013), â€Å"The core principles of mindful eating include being aware of the nourishment available through the process of food preparation and consumption, choosing enjoyable and nutritious foods, acknowledging food preferences nonjudgmentally, recognizing and honoring physical hunger and satiety cues and using wisdom to guide eating decisions.† 3.) Cooking demonstrations When talking to individuals about healthy eating often times they say they do not know the proper foods to prepare or how to prepare them to maintain their nutritional value. Offering cooking demonstrations would offer a hands on approach to the issue. We also make sure we are teaching about foods that are affordable and easily accessible in the area. Nutritional education community resources in the greater Houston, Texas area: Houston Food Bank Portwall Headquarters 535 Portwall Street Houston, Texas 77029 713-223-3700 Texas Department of State Health Services, Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) 711 N. Velasco, Ste. A Angleton, Texas 77515 1 (800) 942-3678 Reference: Harris, C. (2013). Mindful eating. Today’s Dietitian, 15. Retrieved from http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/030413p42.shtml Green Facts: Diet and nutrition prevention of chronic diseases. Retrieved November 17, 2014 from http://www.greenfacts.org/en/diet-nutrition/l-2/3-childhood-eating-habits.htm#1 Houston Food Bank: Nutrition education. Retrieved November 16, 2014 from http://www.houstonfoodbank.org/programs/nutrition-education/ Texas Department of State Health Services, Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC). Retrieved November 16, 2014 from http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/wichd/

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Experiment on Newtons Second Law - 523 Words

Newtons Laws For this you will experiment with a simulated wagon, or sled (Fendt, W. (2003). Newton second law experiments. Retrieved on March 1, 2008, from HYPERLINK http://www.walter-fendt.de/ph14e/n2law.htm _blank http://www.walter-fendt.de:80/ph14e/n2law.htm ). The experiment is set up so that you can change the mass of the sled, the value of the hanging mass, and the coefficient of friction between the sled and the surface supporting it. The Experiment The mass of the wagon (M) and the hanging mass (m) are in kilograms. The total mass of the system is Mt, the sum of M and m. The acceleration of gravity (g) is 9.8 m/s2 . The acceleration of the system (a) varies, depending upon the experimental values of M, m, and  µ. In the situation shown above (ÃŽ ¼ = 0), the only force acting on the system is the weight of the hanging mass, Wm. Fill in the following table, using the value of a obtained from the simulation. Record and calculate data to the nearest three decimal places. The masses in the table are in kg, but the input data are in grams, so make the necessary conversions. The first row has been completed for you. M m a Wm Mt (Mt)a .100 .01 .892 .098 .11 .098 .100 .03 2.264 .294 .13 .294 .100 .05 3.270 .490 .15 .490 .100 .07 4.039 .686 .17 .687 .100 .10 4.905 .980 .2 .981 Used the following work to get results for the table: Wm=m* 9.8ms2 Wm=.03* 9.8m/s2= .294 Wm=.05* 9.8m/s2= .490 Wm=.07* 9.8m/s2= .686 Wm=.1* 9.8m/s2= .980 Mt= M +m Mt=Show MoreRelatedTrial And Prove Newton s Third Law1396 Words   |  6 Pagesthis experiment was to trial and prove Newton’s Third Law. Newton’s Third Law states for every action there is a reaction equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. In this experiment, by analyzing the difference of magnitudes of forces detected by the force sensors. This experiment consists three parts, each with different situations. Using the graphs, the forces were analyzed and used to determine whether the Newton’s Third law is valid. THEORY Newton’s Third law is oneRead MoreNewton s Second Law Of Motion772 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract To test this particular law, we use an inclined ramp, a frictionless cart, a weight attached by string to the cart suspended off of the lower end of the ramp, an instrument used to measure time, velocity, and acceleration known as Logger Pro, and a single 250 gram weight placed on the cart. The measurements for the length and height of the ramp were measured in meters, while the time it took the cart to travel down the ramp was measured in seconds. The purpose of using the two separate weightsRead MoreThe Measurement Of Pendulum s Harmonic Motion Lab Essay997 Words   |  4 Pagesof Submission The Measurement of Pendulum’s Harmonic Motion Lab #2 Abstract The specific purpose of this experiment was to verify three physical concepts based on Newton’s Laws. These concepts are vector addition, force as a vector, and the law of equilibrium. The densities of two different objects were compared by measuring their masses and volumes. In this experiment, two different sets of methods of volume measurement were compared to the density computation of an object bearing aRead MoreHow The Mass And Force Affect The Acceleration Of An Object1691 Words   |  7 PagesScientific Report | Newton’s Second Law Title: How the mass and force affect the acceleration of an object. Aim: To test Newton’s seconds law if whether changing the mass or the force affects the acceleration of an object or a trolley in this case to increase or decrease. Introduction: Newton’s laws of motion are three physical laws that describe the connection between a body and the different forces acting upon it, as well as its motion in response to those forces. Isaac Newton developedRead MoreAnalysis Of Newton s Second Law1371 Words   |  6 PagesName Institution Course: Instructor Date of Submission Experiment #4: Newton’s Second Law Abstract The objectives of this lab were to: 1) investigate the acceleration of a puck yielding different values of force; 2) explore how equal forces accelerate different masses; and 3) explore the relationship between acceleration, mass, and force in accordance with Newton’s Second Law. The acceleration of frictionless systems due to gravity was compared for each object. The equipment used in this lab includeRead MoreBiography Of Isaac Newton s Life1274 Words   |  6 Pagesand raised in the town of Woolsthorpe, United Kingdom. Born without a father and raised by his maternal grandmother after his mother left to remarry a wealthier man, since three years old, Newton lead an unforgettable childhood. Newton’s mother came back when her second husband died. His mother’s return in 1653 forced Newton to halt his education and take over the farm. Deprived of his mother’s love, Newton built a complex character. Failure to fulfil his duty as farmer, Newton continued his educationRead MoreForce and Motion1496 Words   |  6 Pagesthe force, I sent items soaring, after weighing them, and then recorded how far the items travelled. This showed me how Newtons Three Laws of Motion work. Force causes change is Newtons First Law of Motion which I saw from the catapult flinging the items. My hypothesis that heavier items would go farther was not correct, because Newtons Second Law of Motion says that the force applied is equal to mass times acceleration. For instance, if you push a skateboard it will roll awayRead MoreCooling Rate of Water1252 Words   |  6 PagesNewton’s Law of Cooling The main purpose of this experiment was to find the positive constant â€Å"K† for different liquids in the Newton’s Law of Cooling equation, in order to determine when it was safe to store food products in commercial restaurant after cooking. The high risk temperature for bacteria growth is between 5 and 60 degrees. However putting hot food into your fridge before this point can cause food poisoning especially in deep containers, which is why it is vital that food companiesRead MoreIsaac Newton s Three Laws Of Motion Essay1370 Words   |  6 Pages1686, Sir Isaac Newton penned his three laws of motion in his book, Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis. His first law states, â€Å"Every body perseveres in its state of rest†¦ unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed thereon† (Newton 1686, p. 83). As a result, his second law is built upon this principle, â€Å"The alteration of motion is ever proportional to the motive forces i mpressed† (Newton 1686, p. 83). Furthermore, Newton’s third law, perhaps the most famous, serves to tieRead MoreThe Contributions of Isaac Newton Essay863 Words   |  4 Pageshad yet to see.2 Newton wrote in these beginning years as a physicist, â€Å"the nature of things is more securely and naturally deduced from their operations on one another than upon the senses; our explanation of both soul and body.† This was Newton’s turning point in addressing nature and its questions in a more scientific manor.2 Learning from the works of Galileo and Descartes, Newton was well aware of the principle of inertia, which says that once a body is set in to motion it will

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Difference Between Healthcare Finance Terminology And...

The major difference between healthcare finance terminology and business finance terminology is that these terms focus on factors unique to the health services industry. For example, the provision of health services is dominated by not-for-profit or ¬ganizations (such as ours), which are inherently different from investor-owned businesses. Also, the majority of payments made to health ¬care providers for services are not made by patients—the consumers of the services—but rather by some third-party payer (e.g., a commercial insurance company or a government program). Even the purchase of health insurance is dominated by employers rather than by the individuals who receive the services. These terms emphasize ways in which the unique features of the health services industry affect financial decisions. The healthcare industry is a service industry. It is not in the business of manufacturing, say, widgets. Instead its essential business is the delivery of healthcare se rvices. It may have inventories of medical supplies and drugs, but those inventories are necessary to service delivery, not to manufacturing functions. Because the business of healthcare is a service, this overview of key healthcare terminology will focus on the practice of financial management in the services industry. A. An overview of the terminology differences between business and healthcare finance Gross Charges (Revenue) – Total Patient Revenue generated (price x quantity) Capitation - Method of payment forShow MoreRelatedMajor Difference Between Healthcare Finance Terminology And Business Finance Essay1480 Words   |  6 Pages Overview of Healthcare Finance Final Project â€Æ' The major difference between healthcare finance terminology and business finance terminology is that these terms focus on factors unique to the health services industry. For example, the provision of health services is dominated by not-for-profit or ¬ganizations (such as ours), which are inherently different from investor-owned businesses. Also, the majority of payments made to health ¬care providers for services are not made by patients—the consumersRead MoreHealth Service Management 340 Final1398 Words   |  6 Pagesbe changed, most healthcare firms implicitly assume while developing their statistics budget that they cannot affect their overall volume during the next budgetary period. (Essentials of Health Care Finance, 7th Edition. Jones Bartlett Publishers p. 362). 2. Question : (TCO 7) Explain the difference between a horizontal merger and a vertical merger. Student Answer: Horizontal mergers involve two firms operating in the same kind of business...i.e...The merger between Hospital A and HospitalRead MoreQuestions On Fiscal Management And Budgeting1435 Words   |  6 Pages Nurse practitioners (NPs) need to be familiar with the business and legal aspects of their work as legal claims are on the rise. Nurse practitioners want to prevent any potential legal actions related to the excellent care they provide. The purpose of this paper is for the author to discuss and become familiar with fiscal management and budgeting, reimbursement issues, legal concepts of negligence, and legal considerations of evidence based practice of the acute care NP. Fiscal management andRead MoreAn Overview Of Theories Of Strategic Management And Its Application For Private Healthcare Organization Essay2173 Words   |  9 PagesSince 1980, expenditure on healthcare has increased by four times in United States. With the amount and pace of change showing no signs of settling down, the greatest challenge faced by healthcare managers is to plan amidst the challenging situation. There is immense pressure to reduce the cost of healthcare system and improve quality of healthcare at the same time (Chapter 1, 2016).Therefore, in order to manage this challenging situation successfully and to plan effectively against future challengesRead MoreCapital Ones Organizational Structure2479 Words   |  10 Pagesâ€Å"At capital One, diversity means seeking out and embracing differences for the richness those differences add to our lives and to our business.† (http://www.capitalone.com/about/corporatecitizenship/diversity.php) A company that opens it bu siness to diversity has the ability to value human differences, and in return acquire beneficial relationships. Capital One has partnered with MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprises) and the relationship is yielding a positive reaction in terms of theRead MoreCulturally Competent Care2862 Words   |  12 Pagesminority in the United States will grow up to 35%. Immigration is an ongoing process and has brought a variety of culture and knowledge to the United States. The diversity of population is affecting the healthcare delivery system in the country. Nurses play a major role in the delivery of healthcare. Nurses are the direct caregivers to patients and spend maximum time with the patients and their family. â€Å"As the demographic composition of Western industrialized countries continues to diversify, the needRead MoreStrategic Audit Report4443 Words   |  18 PagesSogelease Egypt is the first incorporated Egyptian leasing company as a joint venture between Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale (40 %), National Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale Bank (40%) and National Bank of Egypt (20%) to provide leasing services to Egyptian companies. Sogelease Egypt is the market leader with around 2 billion book value assets leased. NSGB Life Insurance Company Created in 2003 NSGB Life Insurance Company is a joint stock between SOGECAP (No.5 in France, fully owned by Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale) and NSGB. The company hasRead MoreReturn of Investment on Electronic Health Records4304 Words   |  17 Pagespatients health alongside EHRs (Samarth and Williams, 2010). It outlines the amount in finances incurred in profits and costs to an organizations investment. The successful organizations endorsement aims to close relationships amid the RIO and electronic health record. An electronic health record is an electronic file of patients records. Several health organizations across America have cried out functionality between their Electronic Health Records (EHR) and ROI. Purpose of study The study followsRead MoreStrategic Audit Report4431 Words   |  18 PagesSogelease Egypt is the first incorporated Egyptian leasing company as a joint venture between Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale (40 %), National Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale Bank (40%) and National Bank of Egypt (20%) to provide leasing services to Egyptian companies. Sogelease Egypt is the market leader with around 2 billion book value assets leased. NSGB Life Insurance Company Created in 2003 NSGB Life Insurance Company is a joint stock between SOGECAP (No.5 in France, fully owned by Socià ©tà © Gà ©nà ©rale) and NSGB. The company hasRead MoreEssay about United States of Inequality2278 Words   |  10 Pagesinfluence and shape this trend. For some members of the population it is alarmingly disturbing to know that recent statistics have shown that, â€Å"In the US [alone] the wealthiest 1% of its population owns more than the bottom 95 %† (Gutman). As for the difference in economic wealth, it resulted from the defects of capitalism supported by the capitalist economic system that has a high tendency to reward individuals or groups of people who have much capital. Although the American economic system guarantees

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The Effects Of Emotional Intelligence On An Individuals ...

Recently, researchers have examined how emotional intelligence or EI plays a role in an individuals’ leadership abilities (e.g. Neck, Manz, Houghton, 2017; Houghton, Wu, Godwin, Neck, Manz, 2011; Goleman, 2004). Understanding emotional intelligence is important because it helps leaders understand their values and goals (Goleman, 2004 p. 2); furthermore, it helps individuals understand or regulate other persons emotional as well (Neck, et al., 2017 p. 145). Emotional intelligence has become such a staple in leadership that psychologist have begun to study EI in low-level positions as well (Goleman, 2004 p. 2). Currently, in my position as an Academic Advisor, I do not have any leadership positions besides advising students. Having the†¦show more content†¦Goleman (2004) expressed that leaders with high emotional intelligence are not overly critical or unrealistically hopeful and have I self-confidence (p. 3). One of my strengths, as associated by Clifton s Strenthfin der 2.0, was intellections. Intellection is a strength or talent to think (Rath, 2007 p. 129). Unfortunately, according to Welch, Grossaint, Reid, and Walker, (2014) when leaders overuse their strengths, their strengths become weaknesses or a shadow (p. 27, 30). As I think about my self-confidence, I have a tendency to over analyze a situation. Another aspect of self-awareness that is critical for leaders is honesty. Although I am honest to others and my abilities, I have the potential to downgrade my strengths because I am overly critical of myself. To increase my self-awareness, it is important that I improve my confidence through building a relationship (Welch, et al., 2014 p. 24). I can analyze my self-work writing a note to myself, every time I feel down, I could read that note to overcome doubt. Another self-development strategies I can use it to print out every time I receive an uplifting message from a student. Reviewing positive notes from students will help me see th at I am making an impact in students’ life. Building Self-awareness gives me the ability to stand confidently with my decision making in a project, committee or budgets. As aShow MoreRelatedEmotional Inelligence Essay examples1669 Words   |  7 Pagesyears emotional intelligence has become one of the hottest topics between organizations. Researches have been working on this topic for time to time, to demonstrate or refute the importance of feelings. In the beginning common thoughts from managers and or supervisors were; emotions are in the way; emotions try to keep us from making good decisions; emotions increase a lack on focusing. Fortunately, an indeed research takes emotional intelligence to an ultimate ideal in which intelligence is basedRead MoreEmotional Intelligence And Its Effect On The Job Satisfaction Of Employees Essay1645 Words   |  7 PagesEmotional intelligence relates to an individual’s ability to manage their emotions, and is shown to have positi ve outcomes for an organisation. Manager emotional intelligence is thought to have an effect on the job satisfaction of employees, which could be due to behaviour or leadership styles. It is inconclusive which of these reasons, if any, are the cause of the positive correlation due to the lack of overwhelming support for any one cause and the biases of the studies. Emotional intelligenceRead MoreOrganizational and Professional Development1519 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Social intelligence has been defined as the ability to understand and manage other people, and to engage in adaptive social interactions like making them to get along with you. Social intelligence entails a persons awareness to a situation and the social dynamics that accompany the situation and the knowledge of the strategies and interaction style, that, he/she can use to achieve the desired objective while dealing with others (Bob, 2008). Social intelligence has gained popularityRead MoreRelationship Between Emotional Intelligence And Transformational Leadership Essay1514 Words   |  7 Pages(2003), the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI) and transformational leadership style was examined in order to determine whether EI scores could be used to predict transformational leadership style. In addition, gender differences in the relationship between EI and transformational leadership were examined to determine if there is a significant interaction of gender and emotional intelligence. This research is important, because transformational leadership has been found to be the mostRead MoreEmotional Intelligence : An Effective Leader Needs Essay741 Words   |  3 PagesAccording to Dictionary.com, emotional intelligence is defined as â€Å"skill in perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions and feelings† (dictionary.com). The definition developed by Peter Salovey and John Mayer indicate â€Å"Emo tional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth† (Mayer Salovey, 1997)Read MoreCompare And Contrast Leadership Theories1225 Words   |  5 PagesI. Introduction of theories: Emotional Intelligence, Servant Leadership, Social Identity Theory, and Trait Theory II. Leadership Theories A. Emotional Intelligence 1. Emotional intelligence defined 2. Importance and application of emotional intelligence B. Servant Leadership 1. Who are servant leaders 2. How to be a servant leader C. Social Identity Theory 1. Concept of Social Identity Theory 2. Self-perceptionsRead MoreEmotional Intelligence Training For Increased Success1351 Words   |  6 PagesEmotional Intelligence Training for Increased Success The global business environment is complex and dynamic. Everyone working in business across the globe is experiencing stress (Singh Sharma, 2012). Due to the quick pace at which decisions may need to be made, understanding the impact of mood and emotions on decision making is important for leaders (Brabec, 2012). Decisions are made at all levels within the organization, therefore emotional intelligence skills are required for everyone withinRead MoreCompetitive Advantage And Stress Of Organizational Health1459 Words   |  6 Pagescustomer base, product quality, reputation, leadership, organizational culture, innovation, intellectual property, patents, leadership, and customer or governmental relationships, to reduce and/or eliminate threats, such as substitution, buyer power, or new entry, and increase seller power (Ployhart, 2012; Ramesar, Koortzen, Oosthuizen, 2009; Singh, 2009; Srivatvaa Martinette, 2013). Consequently, rather it is innovation, product quality, leadershi p, relationships, or patents organizations cannotRead MoreLeadership And Emotional Intelligence : An Effective Leader1390 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership and Emotional Intelligence: An effective leader is defined as a person who is followed by the others, in other words â€Å"leadership is a process of influencing others to achieve organizational goals, creating a vision for others and having the power to translate the vision into realism.† Leadership is a skill in which the leader tries to modify and shape the behavior of others. It has been understood throughout the history and culture that people had been looking towards leaders for assuranceRead MoreEmotional Intelligence And Psychological Intelligence1493 Words   |  6 Pagescalled â€Å"emotional intelligence† which puts you in tune with not only your emotions but the emotions of others as well. This paper will fully explain â€Å"emotional intelligence† along with examples of the concept, examine the theories of â€Å"emotional intelligence† compared to traditional â€Å"intelligence quotient†, suggest reasons why leaders’ need emotional intelligence in todayâ €™s workforce, speculate on the consequences when leaders do not possess emotional intelligence, explore elements of emotional intelligence

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Examine Clinical Evidence in Commonly †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Examine Clinical Evidence in Commonly. Answer: Introduction The paper deals with the PICO question generated in response to the case study of Peggy, a 65 year old lady suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis in her Knees. In response to the PICO question the paper performs database search to retrieve relevant articles. The findings from the two best research results will be summarised in the paper. The clinical question is designed to compare the effectiveness of taking fish oil degenerative osteoarthritis in older women (Peggy) to those not taking or relying on alternate remedy such as medication. The question is designed with the aim to obtain clinical evidence on improvement of arthritis on taking fish oil. Based on the real evidence obtained the patient can be advocated or recommended to take fish oil. The rationale for the study is the million of Australians consuming fish oil as remedy for arthritis (Pittaway et al., 2015). Two databases have been used to search for the evidence based on the question. It includes PubMed and Cochrane Management. PubMed is the reliable database for more than 27 million articles. This free search engine allows to access other databases management such as MEDLINE to conduct research on nursing, dental, medical, health care and selected life science journals. The other advantages include automatic term mapping that marked the search more comprehensive when compared to other versions. It gives quick access to new articles published and allows for efficient information retrieval by the end users (Patten, 2017). The other database CINAHL is the definitive research tool. It is the most comprehensive database for the nursing, medical and allied health care. For nurses around the globe it is the most respected research tool (Besner, 2015). Key words terms/phrases Alternative words P Osteoarthritis women, osteoarthritis older adults, Osteoarthritis patients OR knee osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis pain OR knee pain women I Fish oil osteoarthritis, fish oil pain relief, osteoarthritis fish oil Osteoarthritis patients OR fish oil, Fish oil OR osteoarthritis C High dose fish oil, low dose fish oil, Dietary fatty acids, omega 3 fish oil, efficacy fish oil Low dose fish oil OR Dietary fish oil Fish oil OR marine oil O Fish oil knee treatment, Fish oil arthritis pain relief, Efficacy fish oil Omega-3 fatty acid osteoarthritis relief OR fish oil arthritis relief Efficacy fish oil Or Pain relief For CINAHL Action Search mode Results Limiters/Expanders S1 SmartText searching- Efficacy of fish oil in osteoarthritis treatment 217 Expander: Apply related words S2 SmartText searching- Fish oil in arthritis treatment 167 Expander: Apply related words S3 Find all my search terms- Osteoarthritis patients OR Fish oil 140 Publication type- The journal of clinical nutrition S4 Find any of my search term - fish oil in arthritis pain 55 Full text, 2013-2017, Peer reviewed article Publication type- The journal of clinical nutrition S5 Boolean/Phrase- Osteoarthritis patients AND fish oil, 46 Full text, 2013-2017, Peer reviewed article Publication type- The journal of nutrition, health aging S6 Boolean Phrase- Fish oil AND osteoarthritis treatment 5 Full text, 2013-2017, Peer reviewed article (Source: Richardson-Tench et al., 2016) Relevant results Two of the research articles were most relevant to the PICO question and appeared to address the question. Hill et al. (2016) conducted a randomised, double bind trial to determine if the high dose fish oil is effective in treating osteoarthritis. The researcher enrolled 202 patients with both regular knee pain and those with osteoarthritis. The researchers compared the efficacy of the high dose fish oil consumption with the low dose. All the participants recruited were above 40 years with the knee pain score above 20 mm on a 0100?mm scale. During the run in period the patients who can tolerate the fish oil were allocated to two treatment arms that is high dose and low dose. The process involved the computer generated random allocation. Both the groups showed improvement. When compared with the high dose group, the low dose group had greater improvement in the pain and function scores when administered for 2 years. Further there was no difference in the loss of cartilage volume, BML core, and quality of life. At the differences of one year there was no significant difference between both the groups. The benefit of using fish oil is noted prominently in the participants however, there is no remarkable improvement found with the increase in dosage. Overall better efficacy of fish oil in reducing pain was found in two years of time. Senftleber et al. (2016), conducted systematic review and met analysis of the randomised trials to determining the effectiveness of taking fish oil. Six databases were searched and 30 trials were found to meet the inclusion criteria. There was a substantial heterogeneity present. Overall the pooled standard mean differences revealed a favourable effect. The meta analysis results showed a significant effect of fish oil on the rheumatoid arthritis patients but not on the osteoarthritis (5 trials; SMD, -0.17, 95% CI, -0.57 to 0.24). It can be concluded that the results showed a moderate quality evidence of the use of fish oil to alleviate pain in patients with arthritis. Conclusion Since strong evidence from quantitative paper and moderate level evidence from the qualitative paper is found Mrs Peggy can be advocated to take fish oil in addition to normal treatment. In conclusion there is a need of intense research to determine the effectiveness of fish oil in osteoarthritis. References Besner, G. E. (2015). This goal of this review was to examine the clinical evidence in support of commonly utilized measures intended to reduce complications following elective colorectal surgery. Literature searches were performed to identify relevant studies from Medline, PubMed, and Cochrane databases management. The American Pediatric Surgery Association Outcomes and Clinical Trials Committee selected eight questions to address...Journal of Pediatric Surgery,50(1), 192-200. Besner, G. E. (2015). This goal of this review was to examine the clinical evidence in support of commonly utilized measures intended to reduce complications following elective colorectal surgery. Literature searches were performed to identify relevant studies from Medline, PubMed, and Cochrane databases. The American Pediatric Surgery Association Outcomes and Clinical Trials Committee selected eight questions to address...Journal of Pediatric Surgery,50(1), 192-200. Hill, C. L., March, L. M., Aitken, D., Lester, S. E., Battersby, R., Hynes, K., ... Jones, G. (2016). Fish oil in knee osteoarthritis: a randomised clinical trial of low dose versus high dose.Annals of the rheumatic diseases,75(1), 23-29. Patten, M. L. (2017).Understanding research methods: An overview of the essentials. Taylor Francis. Pittaway, J. K., Chuang, L. T., Ahuja, K. D. K., Beckett, J. M., Glew, R. H., Ball, M. J. (2015). Omega-3 dietary Fatty Acid status of healthy older adults in Tasmania, Australia: an observational study.The journal of nutrition, health aging,19(5), 505-510. Richardon-Tench, M., Brown, S. (2014). Meeting the needs of cognitively impaired older adults in day surgery: a review of literature.Day Surgery Australia,13(2), 18. Senftleber, N. K., Nielsen, S. M., Andersen, J. R., Bliddal, H., Tarp, S., Lauritzen, L., ... Christense, R. (2016). PT09. 4: Fish Oil Supplements for Arthritis Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials.Clinical Nutrition,35, S40.

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Swimmer and Yellow Wallpaper free essay sample

The image of the â€Å"Two bulbous eyes star[ing] at you upside down† (Gilman 78) seems to anger her greatly as she cannot seem to grasp the idea of the â€Å"impertinence and everlastingness† (Gilman 78) of the wallpaper. The wallpaper seems to bring out these detrimental emotions in the narrator, which initiates her obsession with it. The obsessive relationship with the wallpaper is what causes the slow decay of her mental wellbeing. The basis of this obsession can be attributed to the frustration brought about by the artistic images of the wallpaper. Neddy looks upon the swimming pools as a source of comfort, but comes across pools that seem displeasing. Neddy describes his experience in the first pool as â€Å"the resumption of a natural condition† (Cheever 206). The public pool however can be perceived as a disconcerting pool, where Neddy refers to it as a â€Å"stagnant bend in the Lucinda River† (Cheever 209). The emotional change can be interpreted as a jolt or awakening, which brings him back to reality. We will write a custom essay sample on Swimmer and Yellow Wallpaper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It shows a different side of the Lucinda River and perhaps a different side to his current lifestyle. The carefree life of Neddy is not devoid of obstacles and does comprise of imperfections. The narrator in â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper† is shown to win her freedom by removing the wallpaper. The narrator exclaims that â€Å"she has pulled most of the paper so [they] can’t put her back† (Gilman 86), where this action can be perceived as crossing the threshold into insanity. The narrator does feel liberated, but this liberation has come at the cost of her sanity. The imperative emotional change observed marks the final chapter in her mental wellbeing where one can no longer interpret her thoughts and actions as sane. The short stories use personal objects to bring about crucial emotional changes in the characters of Nedddy and the narrator. Neddy is shown to emotionally transition from a sense of purpose and personal connection to that of feeling disheartened and disconnected. At the same time, the frustration of the narrator is brought about by the wallpaper, which in turn fuels the obsession with it. The wallpaper then acts as the final obstacle between the narrator’s current mental condition and insanity. References: